This is how it started

January 30, 2009

New Order’s Peter Hook likened seeing the Sex Pistols for the first time to a light being turned on in a dark room. My awakening was a bit more prosaic, but no less life changing. Slouched on my sofa, aged 13, probably eating toast, probably wearing kung fu pyjamas, watching a new music programme called Revolver. An old comedian introduced a small man wearing a bright shirt. The band is Buzzcocks. The song is Noise Annoys. It blows me away. I didn’t know that it was the b-side of their latest single; that it wasn’t their best song; that Boredom and Breakdown had already blown others away. All that would follow. For now all I knew was that it was the most exiting thing I’d ever seen. Before that I’d been listening to Queen, 10cc and Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. I actually remember getting off the sofa and pogoing up and down in front of the tv in my pjs like the audience were doing on the tele.

Watching the clip now on YouTube   – and thank you Featherysunshine for posting this and letting me re-live my damascene moment again and again – I realise that what actually got my pre-teen hormones spinning was the audience. They were wild – crazy dancing, crazy hair, I wanted to be in their gang.


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