A YouTube Friday Night

February 7, 2009

For a hopeless nostalgic like me, YouTube is a deadly drug. I once read about a lab rat wired up to a button that gave him an orgasm every time he pressed it. So he pressed it, and pressed it and kept on pressing it and eventually orgasmed himself to death.
That’s me and YouTube. Once I’m started there’s no stopping.
Take last night.
It started with Frazier Chorus. For some reason their song Cloud 8 popped into my head. Rather than dig out the vinyl I thought I’d have a quick peep to see if the video was on YouTube. That was it. From Frazier Chorus I went to ACR I won’t stop loving you; then to Happy Mondays and Wrote For Luck; I then jumped (somehow) to Comsat AngelsIndependence Day; from there to In Shreds by The Chameleons and on to Better Scream By Wah! Heat. So far so logical.

Then for some reason I moved onto to a new electro remix of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. Bizarrely this led to watching Psychic TV’s Enjoy  Your Body. The next twist in the labyrinth took me to Daryl Pandy performing Love Can’t Turn Around on TOTP. I liked that so much I watched it again. For some reason this lead me to Bill Nelson’s great video for Do You Dream in Colour . The masks in that must have reminded me of my favourite video ever – Kansas by the Wolfgang Press a video that shows what you can do with a a bit of imagination and some great masks. If you’ve never seen this video please do. The song’s good too.

Next to the Cool Thing dance from Hal Hartley’s Simple Men. That’s one of the other great things about YouTube – being able to watch your favourite snippets from films. Then I had a bit of a yearning for early 90’s tunes so I watched the New Fast Automatic Daffodils’ classic Stockholm; Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm by the Wedding Present and Lazarus by the Boo Radleys. Finished off with the Inspiral Carpets and Mark E Smith and I Want You.

Then I needed some Nick Cave, and boy is there a lot of Nick Cave on YouTube. I wanted the Stagger Lee video, couldn’t find it so watched New Morning live instead. Then onto Nick, Kylie and Shane singing Death Is Not the End. After that the video for More News From Nowhere, which is splendidly sordid – I didn’t know pole dancers could do that !- and has a cameo from Will Self. I finished off  the Nick session with Breathless.

Where next? Well I though I’d check out Bob Dylan’s original version of  Death is Not the End. Which, rather predictably led me on to Neil Young. I watched him perform a kickin’ version of Rocking in the Freeworld with Pearl Jam. This triggered a memory that Neil Young had also teamed up with Devo, so I just had to watch the classic Come Back Jonee video. Devo led me to Blondie and Sunday Girl from Dutch TV. 

It was getting late now, which may have been the reason for moving on to 3AM Eternal by the KLF. Then I had to watch It’s Grim Up North (just for the thrill of hearing Barnsley mentioned in song).

I was nearly done, but I still needed one more song to finish the session, just one more. Then I could go to bed satiated. I had it – Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. I watched them play it live on Later , then I watched the video with the old folk acting like children (Hoppipolla means ‘jumping in puddles’). Then I noticed there was a cover version by We Are Scientists. So I watched that as well, and I finished with some  home video of a fat bloke playing along to it on his drum kit.

That was what I needed to drive me to bed.

I really need to get out more


One Response to “A YouTube Friday Night”

  1. I couldn’t find the Stagger Lee video on YouTube either. I did track it down here through – http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=8872239

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