Cath Carroll

February 16, 2009

Lazy music journalists, who really should know better, continue to trot out the lie that Chrissie Hynde and Neil Tennant were, are , will always be, the only music writers capable of crossing from critic to creator.   

I’ve given up screaming “what about Cath Carroll”

Cath Carroll.

Hardly are those words out and  I’m in France, endlessly rewinding a free Factory sampler cassette, listening again and again and again to Moves Like You.

Angel, I’ll walk you home

Cath Carroll. Anyone but Factory would have made her a star. Maybe it was Tony’s revenge for City Fun’s endless sniping.

Miaow made perfect pop. If you don’t believe me listen to “When it all comes down” and call me a liar if you dare. 

Her first solo album, England Made Me, is flawless, mixing Manchester with Sao Paulo. Factory blew the budget on Mapplethorpe snaps. A free gig at Ronnie Scott’s, which I almost missed because it was stupidly early, was the only London promotion.

Moves Like You was remixed, improved – if perfection can be improved – and video’d on grainy super8 in an old asylum by the Douglas Brothers (I think). Watch it on Cath’s MySpace page.

It didn’t sell. But occasionally I meet people who love this song. Really love it. Instant friendship almost always follows. 

But don’t just listen to me. Unrest were so smitten with Cath they  recorded a tribute to her, called, funnily enough, Cath Carroll. The video is on YouTube. It’s good. So is the song. But not as good as Cath

Cath decamped to the States. Continues to make good records. Dark, moody, complex. Ploughing her own furrow.



2 Responses to “Cath Carroll”

  1. Jim said

    I loved Miaow back in those heady C86 days. And England Made Me is an absolute undiscovered classic – my personal favourite tracks being ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Beast On The Streets’. Moody, atmospheric, sumptuous stuff, way ahead of its time.

    Oh, and I also had a *massive crush on Cath back then, too.

  2. Mona said

    Yes ‘England Made Me’ is a really classic album.
    There are various CC downloads via here.
    As for journos to musicians, Bob Geldof/Nick Kent (I desperately am trying to find the Subterraneans ‘My Flamingo’ single /Richard Norris (the Grid) and Charles Shaar Murray (Blast Furnace) immediately come to mind!

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