(The) Nightingales

March 2, 2009

(The) Nightingales have a new album out. (The) Nightingales new album was reviewed recently in the Times. (The) Nightingales have a website.
 I don’t know which of these statements is the most surprising. That one of the most criminally ignored bands of the post-punk era are still plugging away; that they are finally being recognised by the mainstream media (what next – a Ted Chippington sitcom on BBC1?). No – the fact the Nightingales have a website is the thing I find most shocking. 

I bought the first Nightingales album – Pigs on Purpose in 1982. I liked it –  a Brummie Fall but with more humour. After that I lost touch with them. There wasn’t enough room for two Falls in my life and I prefer Manchester to Birmingham.

Then I saw a review of a new Nightingales album in the Sunday Times last week. I don’t know what my 17 year old self would have been more surprised and disgusted at – that the Nightingales would still be going in 2009 or that I’d be reading the Sunday Times.  

I Wikied them. Seems they haven’t quite had the longevity of their Manchester counterparts – they had a lengthy career break before re-forming in 2004 (although only the Fall recorded more Peel sessions). But like the Fall there have been countless line-up changes, an ever present maverick  frontman (Rob Lloyd) and like the Fall they still sound the same – but different. And they still sound good. Better than good.

Insult to Injury sounds as fresh to these ears as Pigs on Purpose did all those years ago. Tracks like  Down With Blue Lobsters and I Am Grimaldi sound as fresh now as The Crunch and Don’t Blink did way back when.

Download it – I’m sure they must need the money


3 Responses to “(The) Nightingales”

  1. Billy Bolton said

    Rob, you want to stop listening to the Nightingales and get into some grimey Bristol Dubstep…
    Joker, Hench and Gemmy,


  2. indieanorak said

    My 50 year old friend was raving about grime and dubstep and I had to pretend i knew what the hell he was talking about

    I’ll give it a listen – anything dark and dubby always sounds good to me

  3. indieanorak said

    My word – I’ve just listened to the link Billy Bolton sent. I must be getting old. It sounds a bit atonal. Just not the stuff you’d play at a dinner party (to think I used to listen to Throbbing Gristle)

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