Out with the old

March 9, 2009

The comment on the last post by that young whipper snapper Billy Bolton with his grimey Bristol dubstep has me all paranoid about my old fartishness.

Just to prove I’m still down with the kids here’s some good new stuff I’ve been listening to:

Crystal Castles – OK sounds like 80’s electro but does that matter?

Ting Tings – also sounds like 80’s indie but it means I’m slightly less embarrassing to my teenage daughters. Actually I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – an uncool dad, or a dad trying to cling to cool.

Lykke Li – I have a soft spot for Scandies

Mum – see above re soft spot for Scandies

Sigur Ros – goes without saying

School of Seven Bells – don’t know anything about these guys, but I heard a track called Face to Face on a Higher Plane which is hypnotic, noisy and awesome. I could probably listen to it forever.

Portico Quartet – OK it’s jazz but they look young to me and Knee Deep in the North Sea is a very good album

Burial – dark, dark, dark (is this dubstep?)

LCD Soundsystem – he just keeps getting better – All My Friends is my favourite song from last year

Gossip – I love the Tronik Youth remix of Standing in the Way of Control. Beth has to have the best voice since, ooh Janis Joplin? 

CSS – those crazy Brazilians

I’m sure none of the above are cool to hip young gunslingers, but hey at least its not Coldplay.


One Response to “Out with the old”

  1. You should check out Cut Copy, an indi-dance group from my home city Melbourne, Australia. Their 2008 album “In Ghost Colours” is a brilliant mix of synth-pop, rock and electronica with strong New Order influences. Tim Goldsworthy from LCD Soundsystem co-produced.

    It’s one of my favourite albums from last year.

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