Goodbye Johnny

June 4, 2009

According to Marxist theory every revolution has it’s Thermidor  (no- not a lobster dinner); its point of reaction. The moment when the pigs become the men and the status quo is restored.

It’s debatable when punk had its thermidor. Purists would probably say it was when the Damned released New Rose and the scene went overground; others would point to the rot setting in when bands like the Police, the Jam and the risible Elvis Costello jumped on the spiky haired band wagon and called themselves ‘new wave’. Me, I reckons it’s when the Addicts went on Cheggars Plays Pop.

What I do know is that the final nail was driven into the coffin when John Lydon and Iggy Pop both decided that they really weren’t quite wealthy enough and needed to lose any last semblance of credibility by appearing in tv ads – really really bad tv ads. 

These are the men who started cultural revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic. Iggy, who used to bleed and swing his dick for his art selling fucking insurance, that dirtiest of products. Great timing Iggy, with the world in financial meltdown because of the sharks who sold us this kind of shit. Best get your nose in the trough before it’s too late.

And the snarling, sneering Johnny, happy to turn himself into a pantomime English eccentric just to sell butter. But maybe he was always a pantomime villain. It (almost) makes me want to flog Metal Box on ebay.

Let’s at least hope they earn enough to save the world from the indignity of another comeback tour. Fuckers both.

290905_iggy_pop_280x350  JohnLydon


2 Responses to “Goodbye Johnny”

  1. Harry Butterman said

    I don’t think that The Jam or indeed the ‘risible’ Elvis Costello had any pretensions to be punks and that the new wave label was just foisted on them anyway by the music press and their obsession with categorising everyone. SO THERE. And it’s Cheggers not Cheggars as any self-respecting follower of the popular music scene would know. AND how can anyone call the writer of Alison, one of the greatest love songs ever, RISIBLE??? Indianorak, you’re FIRED. Love Harry

  2. indieanorak said

    Mr Butterman, your loyalty to Mr Costello is touching -I suppose you middle aged men need to stick together.
    Regarding Sting – I suppose he swapped his ripped t-shirt for a parka because he was cold. Nothing to do with the mod bandwagon he was jumping on.

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