A Factory Alphabet

August 6, 2009

I thought I was a Factory obsessive until I met James Brook. James makes me feel like a mere dillitante. I’ve never tested him, but I have a sneaking feeling that he could recite the Fac catalogue 1-511 with the ease of a schoolboy reeling off his five times table. This makes James sound like a nerd. He isn’t. He’s from Yorkshire.

James has now added his own  small contribution to the Factory legend by producing a work of great style and beauty. A Factory Alphabet: People, Places, Products and Praxis is an artefact worthy of the those produced by the label itself. From A Certain Ratio to Zimba, A Factory Alphabet is a random collection of Facephemera. It isn’t inclusive, how could it be with only 26 letter of the aphabet. So S is for Saville rather than Section XXV or Stockholm Monsters. J is of course for Joy Division and not James. And P is for Praxis, for as we all know praxis makes perfect (a factory joke).

The choice is personal and eclectic – C for example is for Cassettes. The swine, it should have been Cath Carroll. But this is James’ choice, not mine.  Have a look at www.factoryalphabet.info. You’ll like it.


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