“a light that burns twice as bright burns half as long”

November 12, 2009

I’ve just read that Liam Maher of Flowered Up has died. He was 41.

1991 an 1992 were heady years. So many good bands, so many good songs. The Mondays and Roses may have been the superstars of the scene, but that ‘second summer of love’ threw up a supporting cast making songs as good, if not better, than anything the baggy Mancs put out.

One of them was Flowered Up. My two favourite songs from that era were Perfume by Paris Angels and Its On by Flowered Up. The latter particularly as it always takes me back to a special blissed out moment at Womad. The right song, played at the right time and place.

Flowered Up also made the best video of that era.

I don’t know what Liam did after his star faded but Heavenly’s Jeff Barrett summed up his contribution to rock’s rich firmament

“Liam and Flowered Up burned beautifully and brightly at exactly the right time. They had their moment and seized it by the bollocks.”


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