LCD Soundsystem – proving there’s life after 40

May 2, 2010

I was there. I was there at the first Can sessions in Koln. I was there with Suicide in a New York loft. I was there when LCD Soundsystem played Bristol.

Only the last is true  but it really did feel like an “I was there” moment.  From the opening track – the Talking Heads influenced pfunk of USvsThem to the closing New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down (with a bit of Alesha Keys thrown in for added bliss) this was as near a perfect two hours of live music as you are likely to hear in this or any lifetime.

The set built and built and the place bounced and bounced. By the time we got All My Friends, about an hour in, I was having an out of body experience, floating on the ceiling watching the delerious throng below. But it didn’t peak there. The favourites just kept coming – we were treated to Daft Punk is Playing…., Tribulations, Yeah, Someone Great and a storming encore of that 40-something anthem Losing My Edge.  The song that encapsulates James Murphy, who proves that an over-weight nearly middle aged guy (you can see the empathy here) can still be the coolest  – by being a sponge for the best music for the last 30 years. Imagine  the funk of Sly Stone and  George Clinton, the percussive work-outs of ACR at their best, mixed by Georgio Moroder and Sparks with a bit of the Clash thrown in. That’s what we got tonight. The best music of the last three decades in one band.

As I came out, elated, exhausted I heard a girl saying to her boyfriend “and he’s like 40 or something – can you believe that”. I smiled, for once not feeling 45. Thank God tomorow’s a bank holiday though. The knees will be aching


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