Pullover – the loveliest band you’ve never heard

October 21, 2010

The story of Pullover is a sad  tale of how much luck and the random factor plays a part in who makes it and doesn’t in the cool, cruel world of pop music.

Pullover so nearly did and so cruelly didn’t. They were nearly in the right place at the right time. Camden, early 90’s. They were hip, hungry and wanted it, really wanted it. And deserved it, for  they made perfect pop music.

They gigged hard on the Camden circuit, quickly built up a following. There was a buzz about them, a feeling of ‘the next big thing’. A&R men started circling.  This had to be their time.

Sadly you  only get one chance in this game, and they blew it. Not that it was their fault, they just backed the wrong horse. They probably could have signed for Creation, but instead chose Big Life.  They weren’t to know that the label was heading for choppy waters, so their debut album was never released.

Their moment passed, the energy went. And they disappeared. And the world never got to hear the perfect pop of This is the Life and Holiday.

But maybe you do get a second chance after all. The lovely Lee, the lovelier Carol and the guitar genius Michael have got back together to record an album called “All You Need Is Love”. Maybe, just maybe, they will have their moment in the sun. They deserve it.

Their my space page is called ilovepullover. I do. Still. You will too



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