Gorillaz – fun for all the family

November 19, 2010

This was a defining moment in the Indieanorak household – a family outing to see a band that we all liked.  There’s something for everyone with Gorillaz.  Jones and Simenon for us old geezers, Bobby Womack for the ladies and cartoons and new heart-throb Daley to keep the teens happy.

Not that it started well. The NEC carpark seemed strangely deserted when we got there. That was because the gig was at the f****** NIA! A mad and tetchy dash up the M6 just got us there in time to see the end of Little Dragon’s set.

You’d have to travel to an aircraft hanger in Siberia to find a colder and more inhospitable venue than the NIA. It didn’t help that it was half empty. Maybe this was because the gig had been changed from a Friday in September to a bleak Wednesday in November. More likely it was the £50 a pop ticket prices.

It didn’t seem to bother Damon and the boys, who put as much energy into the set as they would have if the place had been packed to the rafters. The early highlight was Stylo – it was worth the 200 mile round trip to hear Bobby Womack’s soaring voice. The other highlight was a hilarious cameo from Mark E Smith who marked his entry by shoving Mick Jones, prowled the stage snarling something that sounded like ‘swab the decks’, messed with everyone’s amps, then left. Genius.

We had all he hits in a two hour set that left one of my daughters proclaiming it had been ‘the best day of her life’. Another light goes on.


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