The Wedding Present, Bristol O2

November 22, 2010

It’s difficult for me to write objectively about The Wedding Present. We have history, as they say.

In the post C86 years they were my favourite band. From Go Out and Get ‘Em Boy, to Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm and Favourite Dress it felt like David Gedge was channelling all my angst into his lyrics.

Then something happened.  Through some bizarre(o) set of circumstances my then girlfriend ended up with David Gedge in his post gig hotel room. I never knew the full details of what went on there, but I sure as hell know that rock stars (even boy next door indie ones) probably don’t settle down to a cup of tea and a game of scrabble.

Needless to say that was the end of my love affair with the Wedding Present (and girlfriend).

So it was with mixed feelings that I agreed to go along with a gang of middle aged lads – yes the Wedding Present are certainly a middle aged lads band these days – on a cold November Sunday evening in Bristol.


The good news is that David Gedge has aged really badly. He looks like a cross between Herman Munster and that scary bloke from David Lynch’s Lost Highway. He has a bald patch too. And he’s gained about forty pounds.  I doubt he’ll be doing much post gig entertaining these days.


The other surprising thing is that it isn’t the Wedding Present, or not as I knew them. It’s David Gedge with young people, some of them girls.


I’m not sure I like the concept of a band playing an entire album. Yes, you know what you are getting, but it takes the unpredictability out of a gig – surely the best part. Especially with an album like Bizarro where the best track –Kennedy – is halfway through.


I suppose there are worse ways of spending an evening. Scrabble anyone?

David Gedge





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