A – Z of bands

September 6, 2012

A – Z of favourite bands is trending on Twitter, so sheep that I am, never able to back down from a list, here’s some. Not necessarily favourites (there are so many bands beginning with ‘s’) – just ones that sprung into my head. Would make an interesting festival line-up

A – Arcade Fire

B – Belle & Sebastian

C – Cocteau Twins

D – Durutti Column

E – Echo & The Bunnymen

F – The Fall

G – Gun Club

H – Human League

I – Interpol

J – Joy Division

K – Killing Joke

L – LCD Soundsystem

M – Misty In Roots

N – New Order

O -One Dove

P – Pavement

Q – Not Fucking Queen!

R – Ruts

S – Sonic Youth

T – Throbbing Gristle

U – Undertones

V – Velvet Underground

W – Wire

X – The XX

Y – Yargo

Z- Zounds – shit really but it was them or ZZ Top


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