Best of the year 2012

January 1, 2013

So we’ve made it into 2013 anyway. I really didn’t need the stockpile of provisions in the cellar and the end of the world playlist. Instead here’s my Best of 2012 playlist and what a cracker it is. Those of you taking notice will remember I had Of Mice and Men in my Best of 2011 list – so take note, someone here may go on to take the world by storm in 2013 . Thanks to Floss for continuing to introduce me to cool new stuff.

KNIFE PARTY – SLEAZE – in case you want to keep the New Year’s party going.

SIGUR ROS – REMBIHNUTUR – slowing things down a tad, another stunningly beautiful track from the ice-cool Icelanders. Valtari my not have been their best album, but still had more great tracks than most bands manage in a lifetime.

MATTHEW HALSALL – THE SUN IN SEPTEMBER – haunting minimalist jazz – reminds me of Bill Laswell’s Material.

ROB ST. JOHN – SARGASSO SEA – ‘alt-folk’, ‘new pastoral’ call is what you want, but just call it beautiful. The comparisons with Nick Drake are inevitable but that’s just lazy.  Deserves to be huge.

GRIMES – OBLIVION – close your eyes and she sounds Japanese. She isn’t. She’s from Canada.

PAUL WELLER – DRAGONFLY – i’ve never been part of the Weller can do no wrong brigade, but this really is very good. Astonishing even, when you consider the shitloads of money he could make if he reformed The Jam. Instead he carries on making great original music like this.

DIVINE FITS – THAT WOULD BE NICE – it is! Makes me want to be in Minneapolis too.

BOB MOULD – THE DESCENT – Another old guy  still makes good music shock. Maybe middle age won’t be so bad with Mssrs Mould and Weller still around.

LOW ROAR – FRIENDS MAKE GARBAGE (GOOD FRIENDS TAKE IT OUT) My discovery of 2012. His eponymous album is my favourite of the year by a mile. Stuffed with beautiful, beautiful songs it was difficult to pick a favourite, but this just shades it. If you can’t be bothered to listen to anything else on this list PLEASE PLEASE listen to this.

Worth mentioning in despatches – best cover version of the year  – St. Vincent’s scorching version of the Pop Group’s post punk classic She Is Beyond Good and Evil. I didn’t think this song could be covered but this rocks

I can’t be bothered to post the YouTube links – look the up yourselves. I promise it’s worth it.